Customized dashboard with workflow management
Open your industry-specific dashboard featuring your peers of choice and industry news. Focus on the material topics and industry disclosures that are most relevant to your company while staying up-to-date with your industry.

Optimize ratings, disclosures, and frameworks versus your peers
Track how peers perform on ESG Infinite’s proprietary Industry Matrix based on ESG frameworks adopted, ratings, and corporate disclosures.

Leverage industry-specific and best-practice environmental and social policy examples
Learn which factors are essential to include in the environmental, as well as the social policies most material to your company. See how other companies are disclosing policies within your industry and best-in-class examples.

Utilize board reporting and oversight materials
Leverage resources within ESG Infinite to educate your company on common board-level responsibilities, board engagement on ESG, and sample committee charters.

Choose and complete the ESG framework that is right for you based on your industry (SASB, GRI, TCFD, etc.)
See which frameworks are most widely adopted within your industry and read about what your top investors look for in ESG disclosures.

Understand investors’ E&S proxy voting guidelines
Identify potential risks in your ESG reporting to avoid an environmental or social shareholder proposals and understand which of your investors are most likely to support such proposals.

Target institutional ESG investors
Find portfolio managers and analysts who engage and invest in companies with a focus on ESG.

Real-time alerts on the newest E&S corporate reporting, regulatory topics, and ESG targets
Receive notifications related to peer ESG disclosures, frameworks and ratings updates, and investor and regulatory news.

Peer-to-peer forum for discussing news, trending topics, and ideas
Interact with experts and peers in the discussion room to talk about news, bring up specific ESG topics, ask questions, or facilitate a broader discussion on expectations.

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